11 Mar 2019

Recycled Architectural Container Hotel - Flying Nest

A novel concept, that sees a hotel move to any location in the world, for an event or for a season.
Designer Ora-ïto, who is based in France, was commissioned by Accor, to come up with a revolutionary concept in the Hotel business and this is what he came up with.  There are so many positives in this hotel, that I am going to list them in bullet form, rather than an essay style.  The shipping containers are recycled.  The easy assembly on site, the short stay in a specific location and the low impact it has on the land, ensure that they stand an excellent chance of setting up in a pristine location, where planning permission for a hotel, would never be granted.  Because of the sealed structure of the container, they are perfect at keeping out rain, wind and cold, with adequate insulation.  Each room comes with  a bright living space, a bedroom with a cosy bed, a modern bathroom and a private terrace, plus communal areas. I was just thinking that this concept could also be used, in a more stripped down version, as emergency housing, after natural disasters, for example.  They started the testing in 2018, trying it out in various locations and so far, it seems to be working out.  It will be interesting to see how it develops in the future and what other ideas it inspires.

Up in the Mountains.
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Bedroom with Views of the Slopes.
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Next to a Country Estate.
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Immersed in Nature.
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Views at Night.
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Different Location Different View.
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Sitting next to Conventional Buildings.
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Ready to Enjoy the Snow?
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Diverse Configurations.
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Experimenting with Different Layouts.
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Could be used for Emergency Housing.
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View of the Bedroom.
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