18 Mar 2019

The Fuselage Glamping in Nature

A tiny house that make camping a more protected and cosy experience plus, it's sustainable with little impact on Nature.
It's the movement called Glamping that seeks to bring people in contact with nature, people that would never sleep in a sleeping-bag in a tent.  By making it a little bit more comfortable, in a way, a scaled down version of their own home, then the hope is that if they like it and they will give the great outdoors a chance.  After that, who knows what can happen, a new appreciation for nature and different view of the word and not just the frenetic break neck speed, our cities seem to move at.  The company that offers The Fuselage as accommodation is, Tree Tents and this is how they introduce their new design:  "The Fuselage is our most innovative new structure. Inspired by the principles of modern aerospace design, the Fuselage offers a lightweight, robust and extremely portable accommodation solution." 

Below the specifications of the standard model on which you can add customisation.
► Fully Insulated structural frame
► Aluminium outer shell
► Lockable entrance door and double glazed windows
► Quality marine ply hardwood flooring and birch liner
► Convertible seating & table / Double bed & mattresses
► Twin single bunk beds & mattresses

From £26,000 + VAT + installation

In the snow.
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Nature from your bedroom window.
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Dining area transformed from Bedroom.
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Bunk Beds.
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More of the interior.
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Sustainable with little impact on Nature.
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Appreciating the forest 360 degrees.
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Any location is a possible camp site.
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The Ribs of the Building.
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Easily transported to site.
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