13 May 2019

Diesel Tank Minimalist Tiny Home

An experiment that shows what can be done with the materials lying around us.
Architect Martin Marro, got the inspiration for this tiny house project, from the home he was born and raised in, which formed part of a 1940s service station.  The goal of the project was to make a habitable space and in a way, a time capsule for posterity.  As you can see, all of the space in the recycled and upcycled diesel tank, have been used for storage or displaying purposes, leaving a comfortable sitting/sleeping and living area at the bottom.  I don't think this is about how practical this particular habitation is, as much as shining a light on how precious waste is and the untapped potential it holds.  What do you think?

Bedroom and living Area.
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Pod in Place.
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Urban Camouflage.
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The Entirety of the Pod.
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Efficient design.
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Open hatch and TV.
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Street exhibition.
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A learning experience.
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Curiosity and further inspection.
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