11 Jun 2019

Interior Design Colored Sketches

An illustrator that not only creates art, but also teaches all of the tricks of the trade.
Ekaterina Suricat, wears many hats, she works as an Interior Designer, she draws and uses marker pens to add color to her lovely layouts.  She also gives internet classes to help others what she is so great at, with her social media page, acting as calling card.  All of her works are there to see, appreciate and serve to evaluate her, for potential work, or for her to become your teacher.  A great way of putting people in contact with each other, in a very easy and convenient way.  A post that delivers on many different levels...

Interior design architecture and travel journals drawings

Loft Apartment.
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Master Bedroom.
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Guest Bedroom.
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Spiral Staircase.
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Hanging Chair.
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Coffee Shop.
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Cookies and Cakes.
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Historical Museum of Lisbon.
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