20 Jun 2019

Photoshop and Digital Art Drawings

Using Computer software, images of real people and drawings, to give the art a realistic and surreal feeling, at the same time.
Brazilian Artist Tullius Heuer is a self-taught digital artist.  I find that digital art, is very underestimated and underappreciated.  Some people have the impression that, because the process goes through a computer, that it, does all of the work for you.  You still have to have drawing skills, and appreciation for colors, competency in shading and so much more.  I love to see artists that have worked for a long time on traditional, or digital art, moving to the other.  Adapting the skills learnt on one technique and adapting it to the other, many times, finding new ways of doing something, a twist on the accepted way of creating art.

Colors of My World.
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The Helping Hand.
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I Can't Decide.
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Deeper Than You See.
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Late Feelings.
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The moment you believe.
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Transcending Reasons.
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Wake up and live.
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Winter of Life.
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Save me, Umbrella.
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Commissioned Piece.
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The Brave Hope Collector.
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