7 Jun 2019

Smoky Surreal Ghost Drawings

Drawings exploring emotions of two people coming together, mixed with a lot of symbolism and subtext.
Egyptian Artist Muhammed Salah, describes in images and in words these different encounters.  I am not sure the meaning this body of work holds, for Salah, but it definitely leaves it open to very many different interpretation.  This is great for us, the viewer, making it possible for the meaning to be taylor-made to our life experiences, wants and needs.  Are they entering the world of surrealism, or is it, entering ours?...

Pleasant conversations.
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Shut your eyes and travel the universe.
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Loving someone.
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Relaxing and letting go.
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Smile for no reason.
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Loved you since the beginning of everything.
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These hugs transport me.
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You matter.
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Understanding your mind.
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