13 Jul 2019

Clay Sculptures of Human Animal Hybrids

The accuracy of the painting and the forms make them look like real humans with animal masks.
Italian artist Alessandro Gallo, now lives in the US.  He did not take a direct route to art, but started off studying law at university, in Italy.  He then took a foundation course for art, followed by a BA at Chelsea School of Art in London.  While he was studying painting, he dabbled with photo manipulation, with his work mostly involving animals and city background images.  His imagination, expanded his need to create and to bring his images into a 3D form, this is how his sculptures came about. On average 2 feet tall these human animal hybrids almost look like a real human wearing an animal head.  I have included below a video that shows the process of sculpting and painting in reverse, a deconstruction form the finish piece to it's original clay form.  Plus there is an animation of a Metro or Underground scene.  Thank you DeAnna.

I don't want to grow up - unmaking of - alessandro gallo

Black Rabbit.
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Scarlet Macaw Parrot.
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Creating the Sculpture.
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Metro - Underground Animation.
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Eagle Archer.
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Bird Guitarist.
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Yellow Crested Cockatoo in Pink.
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Blue Billed Duck.
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Japanese Sumo Toad.
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Iguana with Tattoos.
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Rooster Pressing Elevator Button.
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Deer Painter and Artist.
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Frog Family Counselling.
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