15 Aug 2019

Brown Bag Art Father and Drawings for Children

A father that draws different pieces of art each day on his children's brown lunch bags.
It apparently all started with Lynell Jinks' son, Izaac.  He was going on a school trip and Jinks' wife suggested that he write the son's name on the bag.  Inspiration struck him and he drew a picture of Iron Man, but substituted the name below with Izaac Man.  He then started thinking that his daughter was quite shy and drawings on her lunch bag, could help her make more connections, by creating a daily subject of conversation.  His work was brought to the attention of the world one father's day, when former USA president Barack Obama shared his work.  His art spans many different subjects mostly topical, including: movies, politics, celebrities and so much more...

BrownBagBrownDad Draws: Ellen & Escape From Alcatraz

Grease - Olivia Newton and John Wick - Keanu Reeves.
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Stranger Things - Eleven and It - Pennywise.
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The Umbrella Academy Number Diego Hargreeves.
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Hellboy Hotel and Transylvania.
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Malcolm X and Maya Angelou.
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Thor Ragnarok.
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Black Panther.
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Nick Fury and Captain Marvel.
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The Goonies.
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Stranger Things and Hotel Transylvania 3.
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Star Wars - Princess Leia - Carrie Fisher and Han Solo - Harrison Ford.
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XXXTentacion and Lil Nas X.
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Michael Jackson.
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Ellen DeGeneres & Escape From Alcatraz.
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Doctor Strange and Professor McGonagall.
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