20 Aug 2019

Colored Architectural Concept Drawings

Beautifully drawn buildings, from the imagination of a very talented artist.
Industrial designer and design educator Reid Schlegel, based in New York, created these lovely architectural concept drawings.  He did this, to explore new ideas and see if there is a better way of doing things or, if there is a more comfortable / efficient way of making the best of materials, maximising and enjoying the views of the area around our buildings.  I see and have seen, a lot of fantastic concepts that never get built or are utilised in any significant way and that is a real shame.  With the closeness that the internet brings us, hopefully we are going to be able to harness more efficiently good ideas like these.

Architectural Buildings Concepts Drawings

Concept Building.
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Floating home.
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Treeline cabin.
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Inspired by old shipping cranes on the Brooklyn water front.
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Tree house.
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Concept sketch.
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Canopy retreat.
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Hillside observatory.
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Tools of the trade.
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Climate resilient coastal home.
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Shift House.
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Mountain top retreat.
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Food Delivery mailbox.
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  1. The floating home reminds me of a home I visited in 1980 in Kansas. A wheelchair bound man lived in a house of similar design, but not floating. The center square of the house was his shower room. Between the glass walls of the shower room and the walls of the rest of the house, it was like a giant Tereriam.

    1. That sounds like an amazing home, really interesting and full of character. We need to see more such designs.


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