23 Aug 2019

Surreal Animals Mostly Ink Drawings

Animals, in cryptic / coded, situations.
Kareen Kalush, describes herself with emojis in the following bullet form way:  "Wildlife lover 🦏 Nature lover 🌵Fantasy lover 🍄".  Her ink animal illustrations, are drawn in strange situations, making us, the viewer, pay more attention to what is going on, trying to guess or interpret, the message that the artist is trying to convey.  There where no titles to these pieces and in the spirit of discovery, I just mentioned the animals, but not what I think they might mean. I left it to you to find your own meaning, it will be something personal to you, listen to what these illustrations tell you...

Tiger on a Couch.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Lion on a Chaise Longue.
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Panda on an Armchair.
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Whale and Polar Bears.
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Whale in Space.
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Orca in a Jar.
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Elephant and Birds.
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Elephant on the Tightrope.
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Rhino on a hot air balloon.
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Rhino - Zebra.
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Panda Ice Cream Cone.
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Bird of Pray.
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