10 Sept 2019

Surreal Architecture Digital Art

Architecture seen form the eyes, of an imaginative creator of worlds.
Kevin Adams, from Southern India, describes himself as a Digital / Visual and Motion Artist.  This is what he has to say about his inspirations for his work:  "I simply love playing with reality by creating surreal pieces..."  Cities and town reimagined: an initial sense of security, given the familiarity of the buildings, is immediately shattered, when the rug is pulled from underneath our feet and we realise that the place we are looking at, resembles no other city on our little blue marble.

Deep Sea Diver.
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Levitate to the upside down.
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It's hard to wake up from a nightmare if you aren't even asleep.
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Marine Crossing.
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Underworld is it?
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Collision of realities.
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Chinese Lanterns.
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Cityscape Adventures.
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Escape and Chill.
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Lighting up the City.
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Bringing worlds together.
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