8 Oct 2019

Animal Fantasy Journal and Book Covers

An artist at heart, that always new she was going to become one.
Aniko Kolesnikova explains on her site, how she always wanted to make a living as an artist, but many different circumstances made sure that this dream was delayed, but not abandoned.  She qualified as an Interior Designer and Architectural Assistant, but never worked as such, beyond her studies.  She moved to London, where she got a job using another passion of hers, Photoshop and photo manipulation.  Whilst there, she grew her own home made craft business.  Kolesnikova discovered polymer clay and sculpting, this was the beginning of her business.  Even when she managed to achieve a seizable following and fame, it was not enough for her to quit her job and do this full time.  An article on Bored Panda changed all that, she had pre-orders, for the next 6 moths to do costume journal / diary covers and jewellery.  Never let go of your dreams, you never know how life is going to turn around.  Check out the video demonstrations below, + a link to more of Kolesnikova's work.

For more of Kolesnikova's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

DRAGON JOURNAL TUTORIAL (Part 1) Polymer Clay by Mymandarinducky ポリマークレイ ; 폴리머 클레이 Полимерная Глина

DRAGON JOURNAL TUTORIAL (Part 2) Polymer Clay by Mymandarinducky ポリマークレイ ; 폴리머 클레이 Полимерная Глина

Woodland Spirit Birdie.
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Harry Potter - Hogwarts.
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Leather imitation.
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Dragons - The Fruit of Love.
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Lotus Owl.
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Stag Beetle.
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Magical Peacock.
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Fox Journal.
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The Green Leaf Beetle.
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Two front covers organic glass covers.
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Wolf Journal organic glass cover.
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