18 Oct 2019

Fantasy and Real Life Architecture Drawings

An artist that mixes subjects like: Architecture, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Landscapes, Space, Games and mediums, like: Pen, Pencil, Ink and Digital Art
Some purist, look at the paragraph above and exclaim in frustration: "Just pick one", but for me, artists like Australian Tim Stokes, bring something different to the table.  I know the saying, "Jack of all trades, is master of none", but expanding your knowledge in your chosen field and beyond, allows you a perspective and potential insights, that people that laser focus on one single point, might never see or experience.  I am of the opinion that in art, in all its various manifestations, experiences are the key to novel, interesting and inspired work.

Ad Urbem Parco.
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Saeculum Aureum, which translates to The Golden Age.
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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids.
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Mayan Architecture.
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Yin without the Yang. Halfway through...
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Urban Penrose Triangle.
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When in Rome - Work in progress.
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Hilltop Temple.
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Roman - Greek temple.
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Urban Black Hole.
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Fittizio San Marino.
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Neo Yin Yang.
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The City in the Stars.
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