3 Nov 2019

Celebrity Hyper Realistic WIP Drawings

The return of the WIP (work in progress), that show a glimpse, of the promise of the finish drawing.
Italian Tattooer and Portrait Artist Alex Manole,  makes another appearance here on DesignStack.  These drawings are at different stages of completion and yet very easy to recognise the face of the celebrity, even without the title.  If you are a follower of ours, you might know by now, that I have a soft spot for WIPs and jump at the opportunity, when I can get my hands on some of them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

For more of Manole's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

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05-Megan Fox-Alex-Manole-www-designstack-co
Megan Fox.
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  1. these are great drawings! but i find it so interesting, that a lot of current artists are so into drawing women we 'sexy' lips and big eyes... no matter how fantastic the pencil art is, the drawings seem all the same. same subject, same ol' same ol'. what i'd like to see is these artists reach further with their talents and do different subject matter, not just copy what everyone else seems to be doing!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment.
      These are celebrities, but I understand your point and I agree to a certain extent, we feature many artists that draw an array of different people with different features.
      What we do find, is that the drawings you talk about are more popular with the majority of people and that is probably why artists tend to go for faces with more certainty of success.
      Artists want maximum appreciation from the public, if they chnge their tastes, I guarantee, that those artist will change to match.
      This is my opinion and I hope it makes sense.
      the following, is a link to portraits on our site, https://www.designstack.co/search?q=portraits

      Thank you again for your intresting comment, it's really appreciated,

      I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.



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