17 Nov 2019

Celebrity Pencil Graphite Drawings

Realistic faces and expressions, that we would expect to have been created by a phone or camera.
Ukrainian artist Michael Naumets, is the skilled artist, that makes these celebrities look their best, when immortalised with graphite on paper.  An eye for details and proportions, coupled with subtle and refined shading technique, makes sure of a perfect final finish.  I see comments on social media, from people that are envious of the finish drawing, asking the artist to teach them or show them how it's done and the most common question, what pencil, paints, colors etc... were used.  What they don't see, are the countless hours these artists have spent practising, critically inspecting their work to find flaws, to improve on.  It's not something you can learn in a day or a week.  It needs a lot of time and dedication.  Like with all things hard, if you have a love for it or a reason for pursuing it, then time can fly and eventually, you will get there.  Looking forward to a job or a hobby. litfts the weight and burden of the carrying.

For more of Naumets's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

Margot Robbie.
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Bridget Satterlee.
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Chloe Moretz.
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Katerynka KK.
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Marilou Bélanger.
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Nastia Kamenskykh.
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Old Work From Sketchbook.
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Throwback Tuesday.
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Melike Arzu.
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Sara Sampaio.
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Polina Tkach.
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Selena Gomez.
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  1. I'm not familiar with many of these ladies, but the art is beautiful.

    1. They are a mixture of actresses, singers, influences, models etc. I had to look some of them up, as well. 🌿️🌺️🌿️


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