22 Nov 2019

Surreal Facets in Conceptual Photography

Photo manipulation, is the successful marriage, between two partners, Photography and Digital Art.
Conceptual Artist Phonsay, working out of Australia, is very good at seeing images, probably many of them and imagining a world in which they all come together, to produce something that is so much more fantastic, than the sum of the individual parts.  They all start off coming from our world, from scenes we are used to seeing, either in person or on a documentary, on TV or online.  By the time the magic is applied and the transformation is complete, you could say that they are no longer of this world, but one that Phonsay has carefully crafted for his and our entertainment.  So go ahead and have fun with them.

Tucking in for the night.
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A cooling bath.
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Worlds lost in the cracks.
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Ballet classes are paying off.
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Working on equilibrium.
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Exclusive Kingdoms.
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Production factory.
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Mantas migrating south for the winter.
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The watcher.
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To be able to fly...
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