3 Dec 2019

9 Ink and 2 Scratchboard Drawings

A great mixture of techniques for this post, read on to see more...
Hannes Hesselbarth also known by the title of "between_these_lines", is the artist that created this eclectic mixture of art pieces.  There are 4 different techniques at play in this post:  The first is the normal ink drawing, then we have cross hatching, which is the pattern used, that gives the name to the style.  The third is stippling:  This is where the drawing is made of dots, the more the concentration, the darker the area, the less the concentration, the lighter it is. (in the case below, of the planet reflected in the water, it is the exact opposite, because we are dealing with a white drawing, on black background).  Finally, the scratchboard drawings "Scraperboard or scratchboard refers to both a medium, and an illustrative technique using sharp knives and tools for etching into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with black India ink.".  Each one of these techniques is a link to more, separate posts.  Press them to see more works in these styles and more detailed definitions.

Stippling Planet Reflection.
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Turtle Flying City.
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Scratchboard Sailing Ship.
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Scratchboard Chapel in the Mountains.
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Majestic Architecture.
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Ancient Magic Manuscript.
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Broken Time and Hourglass.
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Alien Laboratory.
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Space city.
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Boat trip down the river.
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