12 Apr 2020

Fantasy and Surreal meet in Ink Drawings

A talented artist that has a very special way of looking at the world.
Graphic Designer and Illustrator Thiago Bianchini, brings us an altered view, of what we call reality. 

Imagine our universe as we perceive it.  Everything around us has rules, it has to adhere to like: fish don't run on land and birds don't fly and live in the sea.  Gravity, makes things fall downwards and not upwards.  Everything has it's own place and it's one we are comfortable with and sure of. After all, we know the rules...

We view our lives as an unshuffled deck of cards; where we feel like we know everything,  Ace to king, spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts, in that order.  The only variables are the jokers.

Now imagine you shuffle the cards and turn them over.  The reality looks completely random and out of place.  Rules either don't apply or apply in a very different way.  These are the the worlds of fantasy and surrealism, that are displayed in front of you today.

Don't bother making sense of it, but allow it to show you and entice you, with it's unfamiliar ways. 

For more of Bianchini's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

Black Cat in a Gothic Window.
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Live free.
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Home is where the heart is.
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Minimalist scenery.
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With a good book, you fly through the pages.
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The Bat Castle.
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Cat design.
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The all seeing owl.
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Nature hitching a ride.
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Unspoilt Nature.
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Whales and space.
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The cycle of life.
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