17 Apr 2020

Tiny Ink Drawings

Tiny drawings that don't loose anything, when compared to their larger counterparts.
What I mean by this is:  when you create illustrations such as these, you want to put enough information in it, to make the drawing clear as possible.  Both in terms of detail and possible message.  These pieces, in my opinion, are just as readable as much bigger ones.

I have given the drawings my own interpretation by giving them titles.  There is no right or wrong, it's all about what these drawings say to you.

"Art means different things to different people".  I used to hear that a lot, but never really understood it.  I always thought it was about liking or disliking.  Now I see that as being page 1 of a fascinating and complex book, that is just waiting to be explored.

Have a look at Aleksandra Jaczewska's (Jaczi) drawings; really pay attention to the different parts of the image.  Try imagining what is going on.  What the people or animals are doing, what brought them there and what they are going to do, from this point onwards.

When you look at a piece of art as a moment in time, that spans in both directions, the past and the future; the story you tell yourself is one personal to you, born from your experiences in life, both good and bad.  You use references from your existence or facts that influenced you from other people's lives.  You increase your library of experiences assimilating stories from:  books, theatre, music movies etc.  All of this allows you to build a narrative for that piece of art.

One way of looking at it, is that what you see in art is a reflection of who you are as a person and all you have lived through.
That is possibly why our tastes change throughout the years, because they are influenced by new experiences and inputs from the world at large.  It all contributes to giving us a shifting and very mobile perspective about any given subject.

That's my opinion anyway...   : )

When you are happy, everything feels lighter.
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A friend, a kindred spirit.
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Baby Deer looking for a Drink.
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Baby Elephant exploring the Universe.
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Dip your toes into a brand new story.
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Photographic film.
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Respectful of nature.
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Distant connections.
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Lighthouse in the Mountains.
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Exploring in your Canoe.
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Alone with your thoughts.
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Fantasy games.
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