3 May 2020

Sweet Creatures Pencil Drawings

The collection of illustrations below is a starter-kit, a drawing bud, waiting to blossom into a fantastical story.
American Artist Timothy Von Rueden came up with these great characters. He has given each a name, that reveals more of that subject's personality, job or purpose.

Sketches drawn in graphite pencil, introduce us to a varied selection of otherworldly creatures; some based on animal and others on a more human forms.

All very sweet looking and very beautifully detailed, with surrealism and fantasy crossing paths, to give them a more bizarre and magical feel.

We are standing at the end of one week, looking ahead at the start of a brand new one. I hope you are all well and that you are taking care of your selves and each other.

Fox Shaman.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

The 3 Brother Beans.
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The Snowflake Collector.
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The Ember Dragon Hatchling.
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The Garlic Gatherer.
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Cherry Collector Critter.
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Wind Chime Melody (he reminds me of Hoggle from labyrinth - Fantastic character).
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Astrid the Cat.
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The Key Collector (very different, but it reminds me of The Shaft of Hands from labyrinth).
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