4 Jun 2020

Fineliner Architectural Drawings

The essence of a small fraction of the buildings, from around our little blue marble, on display from you in this post.
Dutch Student and Artist Henk Jan has a real passion for art and architecture.  The drawings below, bring them together in these beautiful depictions of famous architectural designs, from a diverse selection of countries.

Fineliner art with a variety of different complexity: from detailed to a more sketch-like finish;  always perfectly resembling the original structure.

I was just thinking of which of these countries / cities I would like to visit, and the boring answer is all of them.  Lets try another one: if I could visit them all and had to choose a first one to visit, which one would it be?  The choice is between three, but I think I would start with Venice.  I have seen so many images of buildings, canals and art, of this amazing city, that I would truly love to explore in person.

Where would you go, if you had the choice of one place, anywhere in the world?

Venice 1.
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Venice 2.
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Basilica Santa Maria Della Salute in Venice.
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Tram and Cathedral Lisbon.
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Air conditioning, ventilation pipes and just a lot of cables, on an old office building.
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City hall of Franeker, Netherlands.
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Fallingwater house by Frank Lloyd Wright.
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Lake Bled.
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The Peninsula Hotel in New York.
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The canals of Amsterdam.
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Venice - Saint Marks Basilica.
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The Flatiron Building.
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The New York skyline.
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