23 Jun 2020

Real People in Charcoal Portraits

Different levels of detail, exhibited in these human depictions using charcoal.

American Painter Charles Miano is most famous for the art that I am not going to bring to you today.

That is because there is something really special about charcoal drawings / sketches. The raw format; the push to achieve an accurate likeness of the subject, but without the constraints of having to make it realistic in every way.
A need to represent the human form by drawing some of the lines and leaving other out.
Saying something, but leaving the rest unsaid; maybe for the viewer to mentally fill in, or for the artist to retain something that only they know and appreciate about that drawing.
A keep sake; a trophy of the piece that has come, as much from the model posing for the portrait, as the drive and passion that propel artists to create.

"Things" around us are just that, until we tag them with feelings emotions, memories. A significance that can be given to us by others, or that we find ourselves by appreciating our surroundings.

Start this process and you will see the same world, but in a totally different way.

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