25 Jul 2020

A World of Surreal Animal Drawings

Animals that find themselves in a world of surrealism; some of which, have ties with our own.

Long Island-based Artist Juliet Schreckinger uses illustrations to tell a story. There are many different emotions at play in this post. Fun, puzzlement and the more serious ones, which link to our world via a tether.

As far as this last point is concerned, I am referring to the whale and the sea turtle drawings. The first, is soaring above layer of plastic object covering the ocean and the latter is helped by birds, to remove human plastic waste, from the sea.

Art used in a beautifully surreal way, to underline a very real and current situation. A clever way of adding another dimension to an artistic piece; as is Schreckinger's naming of the animals that reoccur in successive drawings.

Most of the drawings featured in this post, were created using different mixtures of these three ingredients: pen, ink and graphite.

Now let Emerson, Seymour, William, Oscar, and Waldo, give you the guided tour through this page...

Let’s party.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Rise Above.
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All Together.
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Old Friends.
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Day Off.
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Seymour’s Tree.
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Emerson, Seymour, and Waldo Take a Walk.
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Oscar The Skater.
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The Morning Commute.
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William’s Perch.
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William and His Lighthouse.
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