3 Jul 2020

Drawings of Creatures and Fantasy Characters

Lovely fantasy characters, from an artist that has created some impressive and famous works.

Artist Tony DiTerlizzi lists some of his accomplishments on his site:
"#1 New York Times bestselling co-creator of THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES and executive producer of the film. Caldecott honoree for THE SPIDER & THE FLY."

I really like the selection we have in this post; it varies on the diversity of the characters and the finishes (from a sketch like, line drawing, all the way to a more polished ones).

DiTerlizzi characters are all great, but there are some that to me, exude more warmth and tenderness. Ones that I can absolutely imagine being stars of their own fantasy fable.

Characters, creatures and extraordinary lives with breathtaking adventures, just waiting to be told.
Young or old, make sure you always reserve a special little space for fantasy and wonder in your life.

Studies of Ms. Fly.
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Drawn to Fantasy 1.
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Drawn to Fantasy 2.
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Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Moon Pie Adventure.
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Sketching a Goblin.
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Mushroom Sprite.
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Dragon - Dungeon and Dragons.
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D&D Bugbear.
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Kenny and The Book of Beasts.
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Dorian Silverpoint, planar mage.
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Fazz Starroot, the Planar Wizard.
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Tripletwig and familiar.
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