27 Jul 2020

Paris Ghost Like Architectural Watercolors

Captivating ghost like watercolor paintings, that that seem to be materialising or evaporating, in or out or existence.

Parisian architecture is as beautiful as it is distinctive; most of their classic buildings and roofs are very easily recognisable. It doesn't come a surprise that a portion of Alex Hillkurtz art is dedicated to it.

The same way, not every thought has to be spelled out in a conversation, if you swap words for detailing the same thing applies to these paintings.
By not specifying everything, the artist allows the viewer to fill in the blanks. Logic and imagination take over, to either project what the completed building might look like, or an acceptance of the incomplete structure as a finish peace, with a rational or fantastical explanation as to why part of it doesn't seem to have a solid form.

Which person are you? The one that has to fill in the blanks and make sense of all of it, or the one that sees an incomplete view as a finished peace, that needs no addition?

Hôtel de Ville 1.
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Hôtel de Ville 2.
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Paris France 1.
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Paris France 2.
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Paris France 3.
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Paris France 4.
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07-Le Château-d-Ambleville-Alex-Hillkurtz-www-designstack-co
Le Château d’Ambleville.
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Florist on Boulevard Raspail.
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Chateau de Hautefort.
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Boulevard Saint-Germain.
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Café Charisse.
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