29 Aug 2020

Documenting Memories in Urban Sketches

00-Urban Sketches-Albert-Kiefer-www-designstack-co
Sketches of cities, towns and buildings in urban settings.

Albert Kiefer takes views and reference photographs of a building or a series of them and gives us a view in his own style.

When you take a picture of a location, the camera does all of the work. It's a great representation of the place and a wonderful reminder of what was going on at the moment, that prompted you to take the picture.

When you draw a sketch like this, you are not giving the scene a quick glance, but rather an intense and focused look. You have to, if you are going to translate the image in front of you and rebuild it on the page. The process gifts the person creating the drawing with an intimate and very personal view of what prompted you to immortalise that image in the first place.

Fulbrook, Meadowlane, Burford, UK.
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Castillo Tapas y Steaks, Reguliersdwarsstraat, Amsterdam.
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Japanese Storefront.
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Japanese Storefront.
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Miharashi-tei Japan.
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Amsterdam Diamond Factory, Rokin.
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Oude Gracht, Utrecht.
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Subterrace, Entrecasteaux, France.
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Shambles Market York, UK.
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Sheppherd & Dog, Clappers Lane, Fulking, Henfield, UK.
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Thaxted, Essex, UK.
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12-West Midlands-United-Kingdom-Albert-Kiefer-www-designstack-co
Town of Warwick, West Midlands, United Kingdom.
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  1. Love the representation of building in this style. One of my favorites.

    1. It gives the buildings a very rustic and artistic feel about them.
      I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.🌿️🌺️🌿️

    2. Since you said that you liked these drawings, I knew that we had had an artist that had a similar style and I have finally found the page.
      Hope you like it 🌿️🌺️🌿️.



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