8 Aug 2020

Opposite Ends of Portrait Emotions

Not all of them, but many of these portraits seem like opposite ends of the spectrum of emotions.

Artist Remzi Erzin specialises in pencil and charcoal portraits, with just a small selection showing here.

Giving titles to these sketches, as I have done, really focuses your attention to the details; to the minute lines and slight positional changes of the muscles and features on our face.

This post is not all about transparent expression in our faces; we can use concealments that grant us a certain measure of privacy and anonymity. Concealing the eyes for example, one of the most revealing aspect of our personality and intentions. The hoodie drawing and the reflective glasses make this point very well.

That is why the use of masks, these days, makes it difficult for us to fully emote; leaving the eyes to do all the work on their own, with no help from the rest of the face.  It might bring people to use different way of expressing themselves, to visually communicate with others.

Trying to interpret someones expressions, is not nearly as accurate as reading their mind. That said, it does inch us that little bit closer, to understanding one another.

The weight of responsibility.
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A warm smile.
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Don't fade in the background...
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An expression full of mischief.
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A plan is forming.
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Deep in thought.
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Inquisitive look.
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Determined look.
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Cover the eyes and the true intentions.
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A reflection of you.
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A view to the future.
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