22 Aug 2020

Surrealism Enveloping Animal Drawings

An artist that takes the splendour of the animal kingdom and wraps it in a thin layer of fantasy and surrealism.

Artist Goutham Tulasi is a self-confessed nature and wildlife lover. You can definitely see this, in the delicacy and warmth with which the subjects are depicted in each drawing.

His work takes these two special groups and gives them an otherworldly feeling.

One of my favourites is, the whale breaching the clouds, whilst the image is being captured by the artist (I am guessing that that is him). The other one is, the tigress wading through a sea of stars, with a shooting star flying just beneath her (you can see the details of the rippling water as she makes her way through).

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

Tigress swimming through a sea of stars.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

The stag and the fish.
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The whale breaching out of the clouds.
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The fox and the owl.
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The leopard resting on space.
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The baby penguin.
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The baby Guinea pig.
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The baby elephant.
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The elephant bringing flowers to the giraffe.
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First encounter.
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Manta ray and fish.
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  1. Not sure why I like the elephants so much, but i like these. Especially the little guy. He's so sweet!

    1. Finding out what it is that you like in a piece, gives you a better understanding of the drawing and a further insight into yourself.

      It's worth finding out.

      Have a fantastic weekend 🌿️🌺️🌿️



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