21 Sept 2020

Fantasy vs Surrealism in Digital Art

An artist that takes stock photos and makes them into illustrations, with the help of digital art.
Illustrations are drawings or paintings, which visually describe a scene or concept.  That is what artist psdiplavai does with his creations, tells a story.

As there weren't any titles on the pictures, I gave them some. I can see others that would fit these images just as well and I am sure you can too.

From sweet imagery, pausing on surreal and funny ones, on the way down to the end of the page.

Make your mind go blank and allow it to fill with scenes, places or unfolding situations, to give you a respite from the stresses out there. It allows you to get back to them refreshed, with a new found perspective and energy.

When you are a child you see no obstacles.  

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Creating music to rival the sounds of the universe. 

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Airplane Travel Social Distancing. 

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Sneaking out to meet up with a friend. 

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Books to add color to your waking dreams. 

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Bring fantasy into your world. 

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In the stillness of the night. 

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A hot chocolate on a cold winter day. 

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Locals have a different view of the city (whetherbad or good). 

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Playing hide and seek. 

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