28 Oct 2020

Acrylic Portrait Paintings

00-Acrylic-Portrait-Liz-Y-Ahmet-www-designstack-co Looks like the paint arranging itself in complex forms, to produce these acrylic portraits.
There is the reality of how artist Liz Y Ahmet produces her work, versus how I see it coming together in my head.

The first is one through which Ahmet laboriously teases the paints through different paths. What at first looks like a chaotic use of paint, ends up creating contrasting beauty in symmetry/form matched by the spontaneous and organic looking distribution of paints.

Now to part 2. To me, it almost doesn't look like a person made them but they actually came to be. The artist drops paint on a canvas (many different colors); when this task is completed, the artist steps back and enjoys the coming results.

The different color paints come alive, arranging themselves in dots, pools and strands; they travel and weave their way across the canvas. Each section of paint moves separately, but in unison with the rest to produce these lovely and unique portraits.

That said, the reality is that Ahmet puts a lot of work into each portrait, achieving this wonderful and very pleasing look art.

For more of Ahmet's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

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