4 Oct 2020

Fantasy Architecture in Digital Art

3D city layouts that present some very interesting architectural concepts .Italian Artist Inward specialises in fantasy architecture, using digital art.

Most of them, include urbanisation in a very tight clustering of habitations. Some have greenery in some form or another, to offset the structures.

As densely populated as they are, they don't seem to be chocking in smog; that would suggest they have some form clean energy.

Even in the really crowded images like in "The Hidden City", the design allows for a huge expanse of space in front of you.  It enables the eyes travel and reduces the chances the inhabitants getting claustrophobic.

The suspended or floating cities (air or water) are my favourite, with "Fracture" taking the top spot.


It's Sunday and a few countries are going through their first lock-down, whilst others are looking to enter their second one.

Comfort at home has become an essential feature, if you are going to spend so much time in one space. A lot of people are using some of their time to adapt their environment with some simple changes.

A starting one is: if you are working more from home, make sure you have comfortable supporting chair, it will ensure you can get through your workload without added stress.

Give your comfort some thought and spare a bit of time each day to make your home, the restful place it should have always have been. Work on your room/s will distract you and give you a break from the other things that are going on; at the end of it, you can enjoy the results...
01-O2 Distribution-System-Inward-www-designstack-co
O2 Distribution System.
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Growing Network.
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The Hidden City.
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Eternal City.
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Gold Era.
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Industrial City.
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Urbs 2.0.
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PHX City.
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The Portal.
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