11 Oct 2020

Pencil Drawings and Complex Emotions

Pencil portraits, inanimate objects that spring to life with a title or a backstory.
Indonesian artist Nas has a way of creating drawings that truly exude emotions; they can be read like different interpretation of a translation of a very difficult language.

You know when you go to the DIY store and get the color swatch book? Fan it out to see all of the main colors, with all the different tones below. The same thing can be done with expressions and emotions. To name them can take a day to learn, but an entire lifetime, to fully understand them.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

For more of Nas's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.


Sunday, the day that is designated for resting. It's not as universal as it once was, but still marks the end of the week.

A chance to take stock of things and clear you mind at the same time; to give a bit of a break and recharge, before the start of a brand new one.

The week ahead an unknown, ready to be explored.
As a weekly adventurer continually exploring new days of the week, you can prepare by bringing everything along for any eventuality. Try to foresee and prepare for every contingency.
The first will weight you down and slow you down; whilst the second, will take any spontaneity out of life.
Try and find a happy medium, be prepared but leave yourself open to experience the unexpected.
It will make your walk through the days a more interesting one and one worth spending time sightseeing.

Happy trekking, with what I hope is going to be a week full of discovery for you...Your favourite song, the notes caressing your heart. <br>
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The feeling that you are torn in different directions.
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Playing back a beautiful memory in your mind.
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Close to achieving a lifelong dream.
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Some times things need a closer look.
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Being able to appreciate your own company, says a lot about yourself.
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Lines on the face are not a problem, if they mark a higher level of wisdom.
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They feel like they are there even when they are not.
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Some times, you just have to take a moment to yourself.
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Your favourite song, the notes feel like they are caressing your heart.
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The beauty of living in the moment.
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  1. designs are just awesome..... waiting for something more beautiful..

    1. Thank you very much for your comment.

      Go to our front page and from there you ca see thousands of posts.


      I hope you have a great end of year and a fantastic start to the new one. 🌿️🌺️🌿️


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