6 Oct 2020

Urban Architectural Sketchbook

With some of these I have included both,the color and the black and white versions; so that you can see the difference it makes.
Taiwanese Artist 一尾先生 (Mr. Tail) picks up urban characteristics of the city and then records them in drawing format.

The base is formed by an ink sketch, which sometimes gets a watercolor wash added to it.

As said above, I have included both processes for two of the drawings. They both have their strengths and positive point. It's only when you see them together, that you really appreciate how colors highlight details to give a different feel to the view. Not necessarily better or worse, but just different.

Some of the drawings are inspired from the heart of the city, showing all the vibrancy it comes with. By contrast, the others show the side roads, suburbs, or just a quiet night strolls through the city.

As you move through the page and the alternating finishes, I hope you see all of the distinguishing characters of these little urban gems.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Shops and businesses.
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Shops and businesses in color.
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Up above.
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Up above in color.
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A stroll at night.
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Shop and vending machine.
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Walking together and alone, at night.
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Little black cat showing the way.
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Little side street.
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Raised home and ominous sky.
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Bustling city life.
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Time to fix that fence.
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Nature enveloping your home in privacy.
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