24 Nov 2020

Color Pencil Moleskine Sketchbook

Beautiful soft drawn color pencil drawings, contained in a moleskine sketchbook.
Artist Tatiana Caffeine has been featured before, here on DesignStack. Her portraits and her drawing study sketches, perfectly represent the rough and the smooth.

They can be seen in the different choices of subject matter. On a one hand you have the perfectly levigated and polished surface of a marble face. On the other, the undulating peaks and troughs, that delineate, give character and individuality to our faces.

The drawing studies are excellent ways of showing detailing of facial features from different viewpoints or various of people. Plus a great way of practising a feature you might not be as good at drawing.

Sweet faces and expressions seem to populate this post and with that said, I will let you get to them without further delay.

For more of Tatiana's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.

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