16 Nov 2020

Dreamlike Charcoal Architectural Drawings

A style that to me is very reminiscent of a lovely dream.
Irish artist Vitya Malirsh took an indirect road to get him to where he is now. I will let the words from his social media page speak for him.

"Having trained as a designer with Donegal Carpets he went on to run a successful sign-writing business, while studying life drawing at night in the National College of Art and Design."

I love his approach to drawing; most of the buildings are in the distance. You can make out shapes and detailing, but not as clearly as if you could just walk closer.

This for me, is the beauty of them. You can't get any closer to investigate the structures you see, or the ones that are almost evaporating and blending into the background.
Amazing charcoal drawings that leave you with a sense of wonder and the longing for more; it remains with you, because you never actually get to satisfy that curiosity.

Like they say, sometimes less is more and for me it definitely applies here.

I hope you enjoy these architectural drawings and your Monday.
Drury Street Dublin.
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Stone House Cafe Boyle.
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Clock tower Boyle town centre.
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The Last Steam Train.
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The Elan Valley, Wales.
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Valve Tower at Garreg Ddu in the Elan Valley, Powys, Wales.
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The riverside in Boyle.
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The Deepwater Quay, Sligo.
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Whitstable Harbour in Kent.
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Work in progress.
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