20 Dec 2020

Beautifully Crafted Ink Drawings

Art with a lot of attention to detail.
Educator, Author and Artist Prasun Balasubramaniam is the creator of these elaborate drawings.

I you consider that the color of the paper is white and that all of that black ink is used to fill almost the entire thing, in some cases. A lot of drawing work that gives a sense of completeness and a wight to the finish piece. An appreciation of the amount of work that has gone into it.

Many different subjects, all touching on a communal fantasy thread; they weaving through each one of the drawings, interlocking and connecting them.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

The last drawing makes me think specifically, as to what the future has in store for the next seven days.

Even thought I can't see it my self, I do see examples of how it can be shaped, to a certain degree.

With all that is going on and all of the bad news cascading on top of us from all directions, people are feeling unsure, angry and scared.

I realise that the following might sound simplistic, but some times the simple things are the ones that work the best.

When you are not feeling well, the first thing you do is to find that pick-me-up that works for you. You look for something pleasing, good things to elevate your spirit and make you feel better. Occasionally, being the person that that gives, a smile or a kind gesture of some sort, can then cause a butterfly effect, which makes your little part of the world better place, for you and the ones around you.

It might not make the problem go away, but it will give you an armour and a new-found strength to try and solve it.

I hope you can surround yourself with good and face the coming week and weeks head on.
Cute Teddy Bears.
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The mind travels when you dream.
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Life in Space.
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The Ship and Lighthouse in the Storm.
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Marine life.
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Building your own space, an Island of Serenity.
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Music enriches life.
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The Tortoise wearing its most fancy suit.
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Life finds a way to grow anywhere.
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What has the future got in store for you.
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