10 Jan 2021

Interesting Ink Drawings

A lot of thoughts expressed in illustrations.
Artist Preethi Nagaraj sets out fantasy imagery to start a story you and I can continue.

A spark of a scene, meant to ignite a strong flame in your imagination. Lighting up the rest of the thoughts in your brain. Look for things that fascinate you add interest in your day. You will be amazed what a difference it makes.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.

Looking around today something struck me... Without naming names, if too many of the inputs you get from the outside world are negative, how could you ever think or believe that good and happy still exist?

Turn down the negative dial a little bit. At the same time, find and turn up the happy and inspiring one. You will then have a more balanced view of the world, plus hope and a clearer path and reason for making things better.

Enjoy your Sunday and have a positive week ahead.
Difference between Night and Day.
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Singing, Dancing, Chef.
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Making music.
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Keeping warm inside.
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Allowing your mind travel.
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The whale and penguins having fun.
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Ocean voyage.
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Waiting for Venus.
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Ocean treasure.
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A restful sleep.
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A race for the stars.
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