18 Jan 2021

Winter Theme Illustrations

Wintery scenes depicted in sweet illustrations.
Toni Galmés creates these lovely drawings. Even though they are set in cold weather, they are bright and warm fueled by the joyful innocence, of the characters that play a part in them.

Different styles of execution also make sure that some aspects are highlighted rather than others. Like the simplicity in some, really bring the idea of on the drawing to the forefront, without any other distractions.

By contrast the detailed and colorful scenes: like the one of the little girl buying the hot drink, help give an overall sense and mood of the moment. It's cold but you have a nice hot drink and all is bright and colorful. The details and color help sell the idea of the cheery atmosphere and forget about the cold.

I hope you all have a great start to the week.

For more of Galmés's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
A hot drink on a cold winter day.
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Story time worked on all of them.
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Someone got a head start on the tea party.
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Your own little hideout in the tree.
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Family movie.
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Lighting up the streets.
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Playing with your child.
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Bath time.
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Flying shoes.
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Winter market.
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A singalong and dance.
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Ready for a brand new day.
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