14 Feb 2021

Artist's Drawing Page

Variety of pieces, from drawing studies to sketches and more...
Russian Artist Anya has as many things to see on her social media page. There is only one paintings here, but there are a lot of them, there.

I like when artists put everything they produce on their page. Not only a careful selection of only what they think are the best of their pieces.

I love a lot of the sketches and the drawing studies. In some cases they give off more of a feeling when looking at them, rather than the finish and polished drawing.

As an example: one of my favourite works is the dancing drawing study. There is just something about conveying motion in a still image, that when done well, lights up something inside me.

My advice to any artist out there would be leave everything you produce on your website or social media page. It shows your progression as an artist and as a person. Plus you never know what might catch somebody's eye. I can tell you from experience, the biggest hits can sometimes come from the things you least expect.

We have made it to the finish line of another week. Take some time off if you can; do something that is so immersive, it makes you forget about everything else. Make sure you enjoy the moment in blissful abandonment.

It's good to put all the negative to one side for a moment. If it doesn't feel like you have just removed the part of your brain that holds all the worries, pains and... Then you are not doing it right; try again and find something that will provide you with that sensation.

Get yourself an unlimited pass to a free and light brain this Sunday and enjoy...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Multi tasking.
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Roses and clouds.
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A daisy and butterflies.
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Dancing and movement.
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Drawing studies 1.
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Drawing studies 2.
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Tell me my future.
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At night with an oil lamp.
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At night with a candlestick.
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Drawing studies 3.
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Red hot fire hair.
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Flower girl.
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