2 Feb 2021

Pencil Portraits and Surrealism

When portraits take a sudden left in the road, to head towards surrealism.
Artist Arthi Sundar not only offers us a chance to look at a different approach to creating portraits, but also an imaginative way of looking at ourselves.

I could go into more depth about this post, with explanations and analogies. That said, the description above, coupled with the drawings from Sundar and the titles I have given them, make the point in a succinct way and sometimes, less is more.
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It looks like one of those sliding puzzles.
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Mini Me.
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Millions of thoughts trying to find their way out.
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Duality in people.
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A glimpse underneath.
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They feel like they are here even when they are not.
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The feeling of becoming invisible.
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A different way ow seeing things.
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