17 Apr 2021

Moleskine Tree and Forest Drawings

Life, sounds and smells of trees, summed up in a page full of moleskine drawings.

Luis Colan an Artist born Lima, Peru, living and working in NYC.

Trees are considered by some as inanimate objects. Thing that are there to make the view more pretty, but don't do much else.

There is so much more to them. Even though they are planted firmly in the ground, they can still move their breaches and leaves. They do this though slow growth and the wind, which plays amazing subtle tunes when it moves through them.

The smell of different trees is another one of the delightful things about being round them. They provide shelter from the elements and protection from the sun.

"Although it appears to be multiple trees, Pando is a clonal colony of an individual quaking aspen with an interconnected root system. It is widely held to be the world's most massive single organism." Via wikipedia

It has been observed that when one tree in the group lacks water or nutrients, the trees around it, will divert part of their supply to replenish the one in need. There is so much more about them than what you might first notice.

Try playing those facts in your mind and make your other senses remind you of all the things I described above, as you venture through the page and wonderful drawings.
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  1. I really like his work a lot. I was looking through his paintings as well. Most artists will only paint what is considered 'lovely'. He has a painting of an almost empty city pool w all the leaves and gunk on the bottom and I found that very interesting as far as a painting in study.

    1. Trees usually form the background to whatever image is in the foreground.

      I like that Colan makes trees and the forest into the star and not just the backing singers.

      I am glad you enjoyed the post and Colan work at large. Have a great Saturday. 🌿️🌺️🌿️


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