26 Apr 2021

Sketch Digital Art illustrations

Digital art that warms you up from the inside, with its tenderness.

Visual Artist, Photographer Vimal Chandran is the creator of these sweet illustrations. They are part of a collection called "Unposted letters".

In most of the images, there are three common components: The two human figures and the umbrella, which is always seen somewhere. (in all the ones I collected there is only instance where there is one person and the umbrella).

The sketch like drawings come with Chandran own caption and description of the image before us. Titles that a meant to makes us reflect on the world and the universe around us.

Chandran skilfully makes use of fantasy and surrealism, to blend seamlessly with: digital art software, a style reminiscent of a child's depiction  of a pure imaginary world and concepts that tie in the entire thing together.

All that is left to do, is for you to navigate through this fascinating galaxy of wonders.
I wrote a letter to Vincent van Gogh about you.
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The way to light up a summer night.
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Sing to the birds and read the clouds.
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Social distancing.
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Be kind.
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And we dream of something extraordinary.
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Enjoy the little things.
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Then we will make a bookshelf under the tree.
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All the light I need.
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We carry a galaxy wherever we go.
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Let's go back to the start.
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