10 May 2021

Creating Fantasy Through Digital Art

Digital art; a fantastic medium to bring to life and share, the imaginary worlds in our minds.

Murat Akyol pieces together different these images. He then ties them and combines them digitally; giving his thoughts a way out of his head and into the real world.

Thanks to this process, Akyol is able to share all of these fantasy illustrations with us.

The little appreciated fact about art in general, but specifically art like this is that: The creative effort does not stop with the artist, but it's carried forward by all of the viewers of the piece. Each one adds their own twist to the interpretation of a particular image. This makes each illustration a one of a kind that you produce and curate in collaboration with the artist.

I hope you have a fantasy filled week.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Dreaming of creating a galaxy.
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02-A castle-in-nature-Murat-Akyol-www-designstack-co
A castle in the middle of nature.
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The deer and the full moon.
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04-A Pegasus-unicorn-Murat-Akyol-www-designstack-co
A Pegasus unicorn.
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The power of imagination.
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Fire moon.
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Looking onto other worlds.
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Nature creating portraits.
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Hidden worlds waiting to be discovered.
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A boat ride above the clouds.
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A ship to take you to any fantasy you want...
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