30 May 2021

Expressions leaping off of Charcoal Portraits

Charcoal drawings on paper.
UK Artist Stefan Harris doesn't take photos, but his likenesses are able to convey just as much emotion as one.

I don't know what each person in the portraits below was thinking, but one thing, made it possible for me to assign them descriptive titles: The expressions these models were displaying, when they were immortalised on white and toned sheets of paper.  That gives me and you, the chance to interpret them.

A look at a reason beyond the basic emotion, they were: angry, sad, exited, happy etc. Giving each individual, a possible explanation as to why these people were in that state.

This is something we do every day and it is a skill that we start honing in as children. The better we are at it, the more likely we are at understanding the people around us.

On that note, I will leave you in the company or Harris's work and the hope that you have a relaxing Sunday.
Looking at that lottery ticket in disbelief.
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Calming yourself before an important performance.
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A compassionate look down at a stray dog.
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Looking for answers.
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A relaxed look for the perfect portrait.
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Facing the problem straight on.
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Appearing out of a cloud of smoke.
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Waiting anxiously for a loved one to walk though the door, after a long trip.
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A look of hope for better things to come.
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Upmost attention, to hear the end of the story.
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