28 May 2021

Ink Drawings in Nature

An artist that holds Nature as the centre pillar, of all of her illustrations.

The following, is how American Artist Kaari Selven expresses that relationship: "My goal with my art is simple: to express the delight and magic of the outdoors and to illustrate the relationship we as humans have with nature..."

The thread of nature weaves through every drawing, unifying them like the best of patchwork quilts.

I will let you get on with exploring the wild in all the different ways Selven has dreamt up.

This post falls on a Friday; the perfect time to plan a weekend excursion, weather and lockdown rules permitting. Have fun what ever you do.

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
Cob house mushroom building.
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Lighthouse and waves - The waves almost look like fingers embracing the head.
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The yearning for nature follows you like a shadow.
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Protecting a wonderful memory.
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Nature photographer.
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Nature of the wild.
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A bicycle ride in Nature.
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Mushrooms having a party.
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The sun and the moon both represented.
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Nature hasn't reached the moon, yet...
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Yoga in nature.
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