10 Jun 2021

Beautiful Indian Clothing Detailed in Drawings

Beautiful Indian clothing and textures, captured in pencil drawings.

Self taught Indian Artist Shreya specialises in realistic pencil drawings.

Amongst her works there are color portraits as well, but for me, the black and white ones have the edge.

On drawings of this nature, I usually focus on the face and their expressions. I like to read and try to interpret, what the people depicted might have been thinking and feeling at the time their image was immortalised.

These drawings have all of that, but it's the clothing that stand out even more. It's the talented pencil strokes with which she captures them, that impresses me so much.

I know one of the facets that comprises the precious stone that is Indian clothing is the bright and deep color tones used.  That said, these drawings help focus on the overall design and the intricate detailing of the garments.

Many different aspects to enjoy and admire. I will not delay that pleasure any longer and leave you with Shreya's work...
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