24 Jul 2021

Charcoal Portraits in Search of Meaning

Black and white charcoal drawings that put the models in very different situations.

Robert Kelley not only creates art but he also runs online classes to pass-on all that he has learnt from his years of experience.

In the title when I mentioned portraits in search of meaning. I wasn't referring to the model or the artist. For those who have read posts on DesignStack before, will know that I like to attach stories, context that are purely derived by the image.

I have no knowledge of what the model was thinking at the time or what the artist was. Chances are my thoughts don't vaguely resemble either. I just like to do it and interact with the piece. A short conversation with a lot more left to be said...

Ps. I gave the images some titles.
My body is here but my mind...
Press the Image to Enlarge it.
Sharing a point of view.
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Freedom, next to achieve is flight.
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The protectors.
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Travelling like electricity through wires.
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Looking for an honest answer.
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A moment of reflection.
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A portrait emerging.
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Keeping count.
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The beginning of a great smile.
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