12 Jul 2021

Digital art of creatures and Animals

Digital art that allows you to experience the sweetest side of creatures and animals.

Maia Zeidan uses computer software to give her protagonists a rich colorful and soft fantasy feel. This is what she says on her Social media page: "I love to create pictures that tell a story".

She does this very successfully by having all but one picture, as an interaction between two characters. You can appreciate a conversation developing between them and a possible back story to explain how they got here.

Then there is the cat on it's own... that look says says it all. The interesting thing about this illustration, you become the second character. Your reaction to that expression closes the circle and you become part of the story.

The titles I have given them are an example of the interpretation of these pictures.  I hope you like these pictures enough, that when you scroll down the page, you see a story develop in your mind.
A tender friendship.
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An interest in helping animals. The future vet.
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Learning how to fly from a pro.
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Riding the little dinosaur.
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We are ready for battle.
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A good friend always keeps an eye on you when you are down.
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Witnessing an epiphany.
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When you don't do it right they let you KNOW!.
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Future friends.
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Reassuring a little friend.
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