27 Jul 2021

Traditional and Digital Art Architecture

A perfect marriage between the two styles that end up complementing each other.

Ukrainian Никита is the artist that created these mixed media or dual medium architectural drawings.

Никита explains on his site that the base of the drawing is done in a traditional way. Using a fineliner and drawing it by hand. Then the image is scanned and the lighting is added digitally.

We have shown an example of this not so long ago. i don't know whom produced it first or if either was the fist one to create this particular style. For me it doesn't matter, all that does is the finish work, which I really like.

Никита points out on a video on his Instagram feed, that keeping it subtle, tends to give the best results. As you will see in the images below, there is a variation of the intensity and the amount of luminosity used between different drawings. You will be able to make you mind up as to which approach you prefer.

Then there are the pictures taken on location that literally light up these urban sketches. They mess with your mind, even though you know the sequence in which they were done. Looking at them next to their real-life counterpart, adds an element of fantasy/surrealism to them.

I hope you enjoy this new approach to architecture design.
The Russov House. Odessa.
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Kharkiv - Thermometer in the Sumska street.
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The church at night.
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The cabin on the lake.
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Kharkov, Ukraine.
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Drawing illuminated in real life.
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Drawing illuminated in real life 2.
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Kharkiv, Europe.
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Kharkiv, Europe 2.
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Magic Odessa.
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  1. i always like drawings with light coming out of the windows... it gives lif to the building.

    1. It gives it that lived in feeling.
      Even though you don't see the people, you know someone is in there.
      Then the process starts off, imagining whom they are what they might be doing etc.

      As you said, it adds another dimension to the piece.

      Have a wonderful day.🌿️🌺️🌿️
      Take care


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