7 Oct 2021

Imaginary Ink Architecture Drawing

Architecture and imagination, a great combination to rethinking our cities.

Tim Stokes defines himself as: "Artist of the imagination."

His work is in some cases inspired by existing buildings or styles of design. The ones I am talking about are the flight of fancy, the ones that come out as spontaneous eruptions from his brain.

We need more of that in the design of architecture. Something that doesn't just tweak the existing model, but one that comes up with new concepts and suggestions. Some might fail and others might work; the goal should be in combining design that takes care of all the wants and needs of the city.

It's a difficult goal, but one only achievable by experimenting, leaning and refining that model.

Allowing your mind to explore is the first step and one I really like in Stokes's work.

For more of Stokes's work here on DesignStack, press this LINK.
Stone dome.
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A snow globe world.
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Imaginary Cityscape.
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Grid city detail.
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Grid city.
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Imaginary town.
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Imaginary cathedral based on the Notre Dame.
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Greek and Palladian architecture styles.
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Floating city.
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A strip of shops and residential buildings.
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A birthday cake building.
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  1. I enjoyed these. I especially liked the grid city. It was interesting to see how the base was laid out.I think for me I would have liked the drawing to end w part of it showing the grid underneath. It would certainly have been something very different from most of the architectural drawings one sees these days. There seems to be many artist who are drawing floating cities etc, and those are fun to look at and interesting, but that one w the geo foundation was def. different and original.

    1. So glad you like them.
      Another thing I didn't mention is the fact that for their size they really pack a lot of detailing.

      It's always nice to hear from you, take care and have a fantastic day. 🌿️🌺️🌿️


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